Places I’d like to see: Mori Digital Museum

Copyright: teamlab/Takihana

I do not like augmented or virtual reality. It makes me uncomfortable, uneasy, sometimes dizzy. It’s false, because it opens up sensual perceptions, but takes away freedom of movement at the same time. I experience that as a cognitive dissonance: sensual perception does not match physical experience, and that feels wrong.

But I do love immersive experiences that tickle every bit of sensual perception to the limit. The human mind is easily fooled, and the best virtual realities are created in the head itself. I would love to see Mori Digital Museum that seems to try just that. Look out for their videos on Youtube, they are really impressive.

Looks great, doesn’t it? And they really know what they are doing: The most of their promotional videos are mute, without sound. That is most appropriate: It is exactly the kind of mood I would expect those installations to invoke in me. Silence: